Wales (United Kingdom)


Country: UK

Population: 3.063.456

GDP per capita USD: 16.370


Since 2010 the Welsh Government has a Climate Change Strategy, which sets out the Welsh Government’s commitments and objectives concerning GHG-emission reductions and climate change adaptation. It aims to reduce its emissions by 80% until 2050, by promoting an annual reduction of 3% and a 40% reduction in overall emissions by 2020. The region has met its 3% annual emission target and is making a lot of progress in the areas of waste management, energy efficiency and recycling. The Climate Change Strategy also includes an Adaptation Framework which aims to build an evidence base on future impacts from climate change, to mainstream adaptation by building capacity within its communities and to communicate the importance of adaption. The Welsh government delivers these aims through sectoral adaptation plans, public sector guidance and public service boards.

The Welsh government, being one of the first nations with a legal duty in relation to sustainable development in its constitution, has a strong focus on the principles of sustainable development. It has a legislative programme in place, aims to increase energy efficiency and thereby reducing poverty as well as reducing waste by increasing recycling. The region strongly commits to sustainable development. It has implemented the Well-being of Future Generations Act, which places sustainable development at the heart of the public sector in Wales. Its sustainable development principles are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the region has established the role of a Future Generations Commissioner. The Environment Bill moreover oversees the sustainable use of Wales’ natural resources and the co-alignment of the ecosystem approach from the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.


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