The Government of the State of São Paulo leads contributions to Talanoa Dialogue in Brazil

In early June, the Government of the State of São Paulo, through the Secretary of the Environment, held the “São Paulo no Clima”, the first Brazilian event on the official Talanoa Dialogue agenda. The event was the first contribution of the State of São Paulo to the discussion about climate issues in Brazil and brought together public, private, academic and civil society actors to share experiences and discuss the challenges through the three guiding questions of the Dialogue (Where are we? Where do we want to go? How to get there?).

During the event, five roundtables were held covering the following topics: 1. Federative Dialogue and Participation of Regional and Local Governments in NDC’s National Implementation Strategy – Where Do We Want to Go?; 2. Climate Change and the Talanoa Dialogue – Where We Are ?; 3 Roundtable about Adaptation; 4 Roundtable about Mitigation and 5. The State of Sao Paulo and the Climate Policy – How will we get there?

As a result of the event, representatives from municipal and state governments sent a letter to the Federal Government, through the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, with recommendations for the engagement of these actors in the Brazilian Climate Governance and in the revision (to increase the ambition) and in the implementation of the National Determined Contribution (NDC) in Brazil.

This week, the Government of São Paulo shares first hand a publication about the event and discussions held during the “São Paulo no Clima” event. The publication, named ¨Talanoa Dialogue – The São Paulo kick-start¨ aims at engaging with all actors to increase their ambition to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and is an important landmark in consolidating the role of subnational governments and the third sector in achieving the goals of the UN Climate Convention.

The state actions are expected to have repercussions throughout Brazil, fomenting other dialogues promoted by states and municipalities, with the active participation of the academy, private sector and civil society. The document ¨Talanoa Dialogue – The São Paulo kick-start¨ is available in this link in both Portuguese and English.


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