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Smart partnering and networking for common goals

  • Being part of a global network of like-minded subnational governments which are passionate for sustainable development and face similar challenges, allows its members to: (1) compare and benchmark approaches; (2) exchange information and experiences for the elaboration of their subnational sustainable development policies, and (3) to set up interregional and decentralised cooperation projects.
  • Members can access a solid network of specialised contacts within other subnational governments, as well as in international institutions and organisations, which facilitates advice and funding.

The thematic events organised by nrg4SD within its working groups, general assemblies and world summits of subnational governments or alongside key international dates offer excellent networking opportunities to our members and open the door to other major international organisations and stakeholders. Beyond the obvious advantages of face-to-face networking, much of this interpersonal exchange can be achieved on a daily basis taking advantage of virtual communication technologies – in some cases a simple email exchange – allowing members to benefit from nrg4SD services as travelling budgets tighten.

Access to resources – Information and advice, capacity building, funding opportunities and partners

  • Technical background information and analysis of international sustainable development policies and available funding streams.
  • Specialised advice adapted to the context of subnational governments and their regional and local partners, with a view to the definition of regional sustainable development strategies in anticipation to European and international decisions in this area.
  • Building capacity and skills on current dossiers and tools with the objective of bringing real development benefits to subnational government administrations, as well as to political representatives and technical staff.
  • Identification and exchange of project proposals for interregional cooperation eligible under international funding sources; as well as direct and quick access to potential partners from North and South subnational governments.

nrg4SD offers specialised and technical products in various sustainable development thematic areas that are adapted to the needs of subnational governments. This implies a wide coverage of interconnected topics that are essential to the delivery of both thematic and comprehensive sustainable development strategies. It also contributes to an integrated approach to sustainable development strategies. The ‘network approach’ favours project ideas and credible partnerships that can be eligible under international funding streams, which are often essential to their implementation.

Influencing future policy and funding – Being in the right place at the right time

  • Coordination and representation of subnational positions and case studies in international decision-making processes on sustainable development policies with direct impact on the subnational level.
  • Participation in the elaboration of policies and tools seeking ambitious and responsible goals with a territorial dimension.
  • Long-term strategic work towards the set-up of international funding streams and tools adapted to the subnational level.
  • Direct participation of our members in technical discussions and negotiations.

nrg4SD’s advocacy work is oriented to the recognition of the vital contribution that subnational governments make to sustainable development goals. Thanks to its accreditation to several UN entities and its direct work with the EU and other global organisations and agencies; nrg4SD participates in international decision-making processes and contributes to the elaboration of responsible and ambitious policies, tools and resources with a territorial dimension. Helping to improve our members’ grasp of the strategic context of their sustainable development work inspires new thinking not only at subnational level but also within international decision-making instances. This generates long-term opportunities for subnational governments.

The legitimacy and credibility of nrg4SD in international negotiating fora comes from its role as representative of subnational governments across the Globe. This worldwide constituency of common interests and goals makes nrg4SD a powerful political platform.

Profiling and learning – from the common struggle to the pioneering and the mutual learning

  • International projection of the experiences and expertise of our members at international events and working groups, often at the fringes of international negotiation sessions.
  • Positioning pioneering subnational governments at the forefront of international sustainable development action and creating opportunities for participating in international pilot initiatives.
  • Exchange of experiences and benchmark approaches with peers and influential stakeholders at political and technical level.
  • Representation of nrg4SD at international events or co-organisation of nrg4SD events, thus multiplying the benefits of international visibility for the territory and the achievements of its subnational government.

nrg4SD provides a high-profile international platform for committed and responsible subnational governments who both implement and are keen on improving ambitious and innovative actions for sustainable development. The access to grass-roots case studies demonstrating complementary solutions for similar challenges is the best evidence-based tool for nrg4SD advocacy work, and turns the common struggle and challenges of subnational governments into mutual learning.

Participating actively in nrg4SD events and publications or using the opportunity to take part in international events as an nrg4SD representative brings international visibility to the territory and its achievements. Hosting these events multiplies such benefits.

Our members optimise these services through their active participation in nrg4SD working groups, discussion sessions and good practice exchanges of nrg4SD. Member governments and associations thus benefit directly from the ‘network approach’. At the same time, the nrg4SD Secretariat sharpens its understanding of membership needs and expectations of members in order to generate further opportunities for policy shaping, project proposals, profiling and capacity building.

Information on how to become member of nrg4SD is available here.


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