São Paulo (Brazil)


Country: Brazil

Population: 44.396.484

GDP per capita USD: 16.923

Webpage: http://www.ambiente.sp.gov.br

In 2009, São Paulo has passed a Climate Change Law, which sets ambitious targets. By 2020 São Paulo aims to reduce its CO2-emissions by 20%. Moreover, it aims to increase the use of cleaner transportation in the region and moreover, in its Environmental Policy on Climate Change, focuses on sustainable biofuels, forest protection, clean public transport and financial support to green municipalities. Due to flooding and landslides, São Paulo is vulnerable to the risks posed by climate change. High-rate urbanisation and land conversion add to the challenges. The 2009 law, while prioritising the shift to a low-carbon development pathway, also addresses key aspects of adaptation, mostly related to urban development planning.

São Paulo’s State Policy on climate change also addresses sustainable development and sees environmental protection as an integral part of the production process. It aims to promote sustainable transport and reduction of fuel consumption, disciplining agriculture and extracting activities and also, to keep an updated list of areas to be preserved by the State required for maintaining the bioclimatic balance of its territory. Public policies will prioritise sustainable transport with certain targets for the railway and metro networks. São Paulo has also developed programs to raise awareness in order for civil society to contribute effectively to the protection of the climate system.

Given São Paulo’s rich levels of biodiversity, the BIOTA-FAPESP Program catalogues and characterises the biodiversity of the state and aims to promote its sustainable use and to establish mechanisms for its conservation. The program has funded more than 120 projects that produce and store information and using the scientific results, there are now more than 23 legal instruments related to biodiversity in the State of São Paulo.


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