Mbale (Uganda)

Country: Uganda

Population: 1,057,351.

GDP per capita: $367.21

The ten million tree planting  project in the Mbale region of Uganda that commenced in April 2014 with 929,412 trees planted in its first year (FY2014/15) of which 26,792 were fruit trees (3%).  This project was preceded with a One Million Tree project that was accomplished between 2010-2013.

The Mbale CAP One Million Tree Project was a successful collaboration between four partner organisations, funded by the Size of Wales campaign with technical support from the Welsh Government that created twenty six community based tree nurseries which promoted tree planting across the Mbale region. Through food security, poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation the project has sensitized thousands of farming families to the many benefits of agroforestry. Over the course of the 3 year One Million Tree project, partners saw a rapid rise in community demand for seedlings as a result of their high profile work and climate/weather related disasters such as landslides (mudslides), storms and flooding.

The partnership is now expanding and extending the tree planting. Ten million trees project has by the end of September 2016 planted indigenous 4,401,165 trees – drawing in new communities and new partners.  Data collection is done using smart phones with app – SurveyCTO.  The project has innovatively included two kinds of fuel efficient cookstoves; African Clean Energy (ACE) and ‘Lorena’ type.  So far, we have attained over 40 ACE and constructed over 540 ‘Lorena’ cookstoves. The Welsh Government has continued to provide technical support to the project and investigated possibilities and feasibility of introducing a carbon finance scheme to further incentivize farmers to plant and grow trees to maturity. Preliminary findings from a 3-month feasibility study conducted in July-September 2016 indicated that carbon finance could be well integrated in existing project.  That could secure success of the project by supplying funds for partners to acquire further materials and training as well as providing necessary direct inducement for farmers to sustain trees over the following years.  The Welsh Government also extended its innovative PLANT! scheme to the project. The Welsh Government has planted a tree in Wales for every child born or adopted in Wales since 2008.  From April 2014 an additional tree has been planted as part of this project in Mbale region. The parents of each of the c.36,000 babies born each year receive a certificate showing where their tree was planted. The Size of Wales (SoW) project has also continued to help raise matching funds for tree planting.  SoW has also publicized progress of the project to its thousands of supporters in Wales, the UK and around the world.

Twitter: @mbale-CAP


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