Lombardia (Italy)

Country: Italy

Population: 10.001.496

GDP per capita USD: 34.000

Webpage: http://www.reti.regione.lombardia.it/cs/Satellite?c=Page&childpagename=DG_Reti%2FDGHomeLayout&cid=1213277017319&pagename=DG_RSSWrapper

Lombardy aims to address climate change by both mitigation and adaptation policies, such as by promoting projects, scientific studies and regulations. The region has implemented a Regional Plan of Interventions for the air quality which has the objective to prevent and reduce emissions causing air pollution, harming both the environment and its citizens’ health. Moreover, it has a Regional Environmental Energy Program which outlines targets relating to renewable energy use and energy efficiency. Lombardy has also supported several scientific studies to improve its adaptation to climate change and aims to develop a regional adaptation plan. It has defined several guidelines for its adaptation plan and developed a strategy of adaptation in 2014.

Lombardy has a land planning regulation in order to promote sustainable land use in the region as well as a waste management plan, which focuses on community programs on sustainable development. The region is advancing strategies to promote its Local Agenda 21 and is implementing action plans to circulate Strategic Environmental Assessments. For this, the Foundation for the Environment is studying sustainable consumption, sustainable transport, waste recycling and land use.

Lombardy’s Foundation for the Environment has implemented several actions to promote biodiversity and protect flora and fauna. It specifically aims to protect Lombardy’s natural ecosystems, such as by supporting research programs in the regional ecological network, by local integrated policy programs (The Regional Plan for Protected Areas) and by management strategies for Sites of Community Importance. The Foundation is currently implementing ecological “corridors” and promoting the protection of critical regional areas.


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