La Réunion (France)

Country: France

Population: 860.000

GDP per capita USD: 26.300


To address climate change, La Réunion is focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation and the urban environment. With a Global Plan of Action Regional Renewable Energy, the region aims to reach an energy mix of 100% renewables by 2030, focusing on biomass, marine energies, photovoltaic and wind energy. Using these energy sources, it also wishes to improve its energy efficiency. To decrease its GHG-emission, the region aims to develop a collective transport system around the island and to create more efficient and better links between its cities.

The region has a strategy for sustainable development, which has a large focus on the development of renewable energies, as La Réunion has an exceptional potential for renewable energy generation. It aims to attain energy autonomy by 2030 and for this, has implemented a new Energy Governance in 2013. This working platform focuses on transport, tourism, energy production, storage use, town planning and construction. The regional council of La Réunion also sets up Regional Development Plans (SAR) to protect natural areas, strengthen social cohesion in society and to secure its region against the effects of climate change.


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