Happy holidays from nrg4SD Secretariat!

We say goodbye 2018 with gratitude and satisfaction, as well as with hope and confidence in the year to come.

We are grateful to our members, who have supported with determination the work of nrg4SD during this 2018 that is almost behind us. One of our values as an association is collaboration: we were created by and for our members and this is reflected on how together we build a common project. 2018 proves that way of working and we can now celebrate the extraordinary collaboration developed throughout the different key dates of 2018 -from the High Level Political Forum, COP 14 and COP 24; to the annual meeting of our General Assembly in Cuenca, or the many learning and exchange meetings and webinars developed within the framework of our initiatives RegionsAdapt, Regions4Biodiversity and Localising the SDGs at regional level.

We are also grateful to our many partners and collaborators, especially for the common work developed with other networks of regional and local governments to bring clear and strong messages of our constituency to the UN system and its Parties/members; also, we very much appreciate the partnership with different Universities, technical institutes and other partners who have brought valuable contributions to the reports nrg4SD released in 2018, as well as to our webinars and discussions; and we are especially grateful for the support given by the UN and EU bodies and institutions, who supported our contributions and inserted them in the global governance.

We also feel satisfaction for the achievements made jointly with our members, which we extend to all regional governments of the world. At a historic moment in international relations in which States stop monopolising global decisions and agendas to open the way for officially recognised and formally organised participation of other international actors like us, we are excited to represent and give voice to regional governments: key actors to successfully overcome the global sustainability challenges that the XXI century poses in its environmental dimension.

We recognise and admire the work and commitment of our members with the sustainability and resilience of their territories, and especially the quality of life of their citizens. Therefore, we are determined to continue valuing their relevant actions, experiences and policies -which often are developed with limited resources and sometimes with few capacities-, but that are always ambitious and inspiring, and aim at catalysing global ambition.

2019 is a year of many challenges: the beginning of the design of the post-2020 biodiversity framework, the definition of NDCs by 2020 and national action plans by 2050, or the revision of the follow-up cycle of the 2030 Agenda, with two meetings of the High-Level Political Forum. The nrg4SD will keep on bringing the voice and presence of our members to those global agendas to ensure they are more inclusive, efficient and up to the challenges that our planet faces. We will continue promoting decentralised cooperation between the different regions of the world, aware of the value that sharing experiences, learning from others and helping each other mean when dealing with global challenges. The members of nrg4SD, united in their different cultures, capacities, ideologies, and geographical conditions, are an excellent example of that value.

Together –nrg4SD members, other regional governments, other networks and stakeholders, partners, UN and EU bodies- will confront with confidence and hope the challenges of 2019.



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