GCAS affiliate event: Rural-urban linkages and the key role of subnational governments in the achievement of the SDGs

On September 12-14 2018 the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) will be held in San Francisco, California, bringing together leaders and people from around the world to “take ambition to the next level.” The Summit is an outstanding opportunity for regions in their capacity of non-State stakeholders to celebrate their achievements with regards to climate action. It will raise the voices and experience of political leaders who are close to their territories finding solutions to overcome climate challenges. Within the framework of the Summit, affiliate events will take place, being the arenas for exploring climate challenges and solutions that complement Summit activities. As in-person Summit participation requires an invitation by the Summit organizers, we would like to recommend the participation in the numerous affiliate events.

In this regard, nrg4SD will hold the affiliate event “Rural-urban linkages and the key role of subnational governments in the achievement of the sustainable development goals”. The event will take place on 13 September from 17:00 to 19:00 (TBC) at the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce. The event will explore the potential of regional governments in providing for resilient and sustainable communities through adaptation actions that are in line with the achievement of the SDGs. Further, it will show how regional governments are addressing the nexus between rural and urban environments, a condition for effective integration of adaptation and sustainable development. Being responsible for several elements of territorial planning including agriculture, environmental regulation, disaster risk reduction, fire prevention and control, and the protection of natural areas and biodiversity, among others, regional governments can develop the necessary actions to address the increasing need of integrated rural-urban planning. The affiliate event will discuss this potential of regional governments towards efficient and coherent climate change adaptation. Moreover, it will foster synergies, cooperation, communication and mutual learning among regional governments on projects to take action on the ground. Authorities of regional governments worldwide will discuss successful experiences and challenges regarding the integration of adaptation actions with sustainable development. The event will further highlight the potential of regional governments in developing effective rural-urban linkages and sustainable land use mechanisms, as well as the valuable function of international networks and initiatives, like RegionsAdapt, in this regard. Following a one-hour panel discussion, participants are invited to share experiences in an informal networking environment, in order to forge new alliances and joint projects aiming at obtaining results on the ground.

Additionally, nrg4SD member the Government of Quebec, is organising the affiliate event How can AI be a game changer in tackling climate change?” on 13 September 12:00 – 13:30 at the San Francisco State University Classroom DTC 673-674. The event will explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for fighting climate change in areas such as clean transportation, smart agriculture, as well as climate modelling and disaster response. It will bring together experts and representatives from the private sector to discuss AI’s limitations and how it can become a concrete part of our climate solutions. The panel will include artificial intelligence experts from Québec and around the world who take part in discussions with policy and scientific leaders in the field. Registration for the event can be made at: eventbrite.com.

For more information on the affiliate events taking place in the framework of the GCAS, please visit the calendar on the GCAS website. In addition, from September 12-14, you can virtually attend the Summit by streaming it live on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter.



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