Flanders (Belgium)

Country: Belgium

Population: 6.444.127

GDP per capita USD: 35.517

Webpage: https://www.lne.be

It is environmental policy memorandum for 2009 until 2014, Flamers highlights its focus on the protection of the environment, the sustainable use of resources and the preservation and promotion of biological diversity. An important pillar of this is the Flanders in Action project, a government project which aims to place Flanders in the top 5 European regions by 2020. Also, Flanders has implemented the Pact 2020, which outlines objectives with concrete figures. In its Environmental Policy Plan 2011 until 2015, the region outlines its long-term objectives: higher quality of the living environment; environmentally sound production and consumption; conserving biodiversity and ecosystem integrity; a climate-friendly society which focuses on renewable sources and the reduction of its environmental impact on other countries. It has moreover implemented a risk management policy relating to emissions, GMOs and extreme weather conditions.

In line with the European Commission’s action plan, Flanders aims to foster environmentally sound production and consumption. This could be done by increasing eco-efficiency of production processes, by lowering the use of primary raw materials and by creating the right incentives, which the Government of Flanders strives to do. It also highlights the importance of a green economy and for this end wishes to focus in sustainable materials control, green mobility, renewable energy and sustainable living and building.

Flanders aims to promote both urban and rural biodiversity and improve the situation of critical species. It envisages to create more accessible urban forests and high-quality urban green areas. It has also implemented a Flemish nature policy which has the objective of conserving, restoring and strengthening the biodiversity within species and the ecosystems. The Flemish Government is expanding the areas under conservation management. It wants to implement and execute species protection plans and programmes to halt the decline of Flemish biodiversity and has adopted the conservation objective for Natura 2000.


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