Compilation of Case Studies: “Territorial Cooperation for Climate Action”

At UNFCCC COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland, November 2013, nrg4SD hold a special side-event on “Implementing Climate Actions on the basis of Territorial Cooperation”, in collaboration with The Climate Group-TCG and the Euro Mediterranean Center on Climate Change-EMCCC.

During the side-event, subnational governments could showcase some of the ambitious interventions and policies being driven in their territories, confirming how many regions are already at the forefront of climate action. Moreover, the discussions hilighted how the territorial dimension has a direct influence on the successful formulation of climate policies and targets, since it enables tailor-made actions adapted to the population dynamics and urban realities, ensuring the most effective outcomes in tackling climate change at the subnational level. With this in mind, cooperation among different territorial agents of similar climate conditions, physical infrastructure and social systems is a key issue.


n addition to the presentations at the side-event, we have organized a compilation of case studies in a digital publication, ensuring that other regions could also share their cases and contribute to a common knowledge database.

Indeed, the compilation gathers experiences that show very diverse climate change actions: mitigation and adaptation; and also a wide scope of territorial cooperation: regional-regional, regional-local, local-local, regional-national or local-national either within the same country or different, and either within the same continent of different. As a result, the compiled experiences present exemplar cooperation initiatives among different territorial agents that serve as inspiration for the further territorial development of climate change adaptation and mitigation actions at global scale, especially North-South and Global South.

The case-study compilation gathered contributions from: Basque Country (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Fatick (Senegal), New York (USA), Ontario (Canada), Quebec (Canada), Rhône Alpes (France), São Paulo (Brazil) and Wallonia (Belgium).

You may find the latest version here (updated on December 20th)


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