Canarias (Spain)

Country: Spain

Population: 2.082.655

GDP per capita USD: 25.512


In 2009 the government has established an agency for sustainability and climate change with the aim of promoting, forming and coordinating policies, initiatives and regulations for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. The first initiative implemented was the Canarian strategy for the fight against climate change. Currently, the government has initiated the project “Clima-Impacto”, with which it aims to promote the understanding of the effects of global warming as well as to foster the awareness of climate change among the local population. The region’s strategy in the fight against climate change involves an education initiative (primary school, high school, university, professionals), a mitigation plan, involving the energy sector, industry, agriculture, reforestation, aviation and international navigation as well as an adaptation plan. The strategy also wishes to promote the use of public transport, minimise waste, promote an efficient use of the region’s territory and foster an intense local participation.

To protect its rich biodiversity, the region has implemented a law in 2006 that governs relevant protected areas (Red Natura 2000, national parks, protected marine areas, protection of coastal areas), the protection of rare species, a databank with relevant scientific information on biodiversity, the protection of traditional forest regions, the prevention of fires as well as the regulation of hunting and fishing in the region.


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