Azuay and Morona Santiago together for biodiversity conservation

Mr. Paul Carrasco, President of Azuay and Mr. Marcelino Chumpi, President of Morona Santiago at signing ceremony.

In the framework of the International Conference “A territorial Rights Based Approach to Biodiversity” celebrated last June in Cuenca, Ecuador, the prefectures of Azuay and Morona Santiago signed the agreement for the project “Conservation of the spectacled bear and mountain tapir as protected species of the Collay forest”. The project is part of nrg4SD’s Call for Projects program, which aims to promote collaboration between members in the fields of climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development.

The forest has an extension of 29, 076 hectares, with 97% of its surface located in Azuay and 3% in Morona Santiago. The spectacled bear is also known us the “guardian of the forest”, as it helps to maintain the ecosystem balance, interacting between habitats and spreading seeds. This species will be monitored by the Prefecture of Azuay in the sectors of El Pan and Sevilla de Oro, as stated by Azuay’s President Mr. Paul Carrasco.

The spectacled bear is an endangered species. It is a solitary animal, terrestrial and partially arboreal. It is mainly an herbivore although it can occasionally feed on animals or carrion. To find its food, it moves through habitats between different altitudes (1,000 to 4,300 meters above sea level). It is hunted for its meat, skin and fat and also for destroying crops or for the death of cattle. Loss of habitat is a constant pressure and major threat to this species.

Left to Right: Mr. Paul Carrasco, President of Azuay, Ms. Natalia Vera, nrg4SD Secretary General and Mr. Marcelino Chumpi, President of Morona Santiago

The economic collaboration stipulated in the agreement amounts to a total of 56, 810 euros, of which the valued contribution of Azuay is 22,900 and 18,600 from Morona Santiago. nrg4SD contributes a total of 14,950 euros, which will be managed directly by the Azuay Prefecture. The term of the agreement is one year, starting on the date of its subscription.


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