Bretagne (France)


Country: France

Population: 4.550.418

GDP per capita USD: 34.814


The region Bretagne has the targets of GHG emission reduction of 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Moreover, the region aims to produce 20% of its primary energy and 34% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. The region aims to become a centre of clean technology innovation, particularly in the development of marine and wind power. It’s “Regional Council’s 2007 Energy Plan” focuses on wind power generation from land-based and offshore farms. The region’s Eco-Energy Plan aims at helping consumers to cut their energy bills through efficiency and smart metering. (e.g. the EcoWatt Website)  Bretagne wants primarily to utilize tidal, wind and biomass as the three main sources of renewable energy in the future. So far, Bretagne has experienced high levels of growth in sustainable energy production and the goal is to produce 34% of Bretagne’s electricity by renewable energy means by 2020.

Sustainable development targets are integrated into Bretagne’s environmental policies and include the preservation of natural heritage, improving water quality and the Eco Four Programme, which wishes to promote sustainable urban design.  In 2008 Bretagne has adopted the UN’s Agenda 21 initiative for Sustainable Development, including objectives for sustainable tourism. The regional government has introduced a Government’s Code of Good Practice for land use, currently signed by 6100 landowners. Moreover, the region aims to integrate sustainable development in urban planning.

Bretagne is one of the few regions to have specifically allocated a budget for biodiversity and nature conservation actions. The region fosters a regional debate on biodiversity protection with the effort to include all stakeholders.


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