Basque Country (Spain)

Country: Spain

Population: 2.172.877

GDP per capita USD: 40.457


The Basque Country’s Climate Change Strategy was approved in 2015. It includes a 40% GHG emission reduction target since 2005 for 2030, and an 80% GHG emission reduction target since 2005 for 2050. Renewable Energy targets are 20% renewable energy consumption vs. final consumption for 2030, and 40% renewable energy consumption vs. final consumption for 2050.  The region also has clean transportation targets, which are 27% alternative energy sources by 2030 and 100% alternative energy sources by 2050. The region’s Plan against Climate change 2008-2012 targets were successfully met and the 2008-2012 emission were 10% below the target, and absorptions 50% over target. Current activities relating to climate change in the region include municipal flagship initiatives, the creation of a renewable energy platform, subsidies to energy efficiency, the promotion of clean transportation, innovative financing and the waste management plan “Plan for the Prevention and Management of Waste in the Basque Country 2020”.  Regarding climate change adaptation, the risks from climate change are considered when revising the river basin management of the Basque Country, which faces flooding risks. Several adaptation criteria have been integrated in public policies and the most recent Climate Change Strategy has a set of lines, actions and targets in adaptation to climate change for 2050.

The Basque country has its own sustainable development strategy, which aligns with the Europe 2020 Strategy in the sense of integrating smart and sustainable growth. The region has initiative the “Environmental Program of the Basque Country” that sets out the region’s commitment to the environment, including promoting a low carbon economy. The region aims to support local integrated and organic production through a subsidy program for sustainable land use. It also aims to improve forest management by increasing the certified area and improving fire prevention programs.

A new biodiversity strategy 2030 will be introduced in 2016. In 2000, the Basque Country had nearly 12% of its territory protected. The Basque Country has joined the Natura 2000 network and 6 Special Protection Areas of Birds (SPA) and 52 areas were proposed as Sites of Community Importance within the region. Currently, 20,3% of the surface area of the Basque Country is part of the Natura 2000 network.


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