Azuay (Ecuador)

Country: Ecuador

Population: 717.127

GDP per capita USD: 4.253


Azuay’s geographical location and topography makes it vulnerable to climate change impacts. Particularly, access to water is a critical issue related to climate change in the region. Azuay is part of UNDP’s Adaptation Learning Mechanism, with the specific project “Adapting to Climate Change through effective water governance in Ecuador”. Azuay has been identified as a specific province vulnerable to the risks of climate change based on a climate change vulnerability assessment and stakeholder consultations. Azuay has shown a strong political willingness to implement adaptation measures in order to improve the governance and management of water resources.

In 2001, the government of Azuay began to improve the functioning of irrigation systems in the region, in particular to achieve the social support by civil society to water management. In 2013 a programme on capacity building “Administration, Operation, and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems” to improve the efficient use of water was introduced. Moreover, the “Act of Water of Azuay” has disseminated a lot of information on the importance of water preservation. It also raised awareness and capacity building around water management, all within the framework of sustainable human development.


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